lunes, 12 de septiembre de 2011

Caracas--Calgary visto por Amelita

Como parte de una tarea escolar, Amelita escribió como fue que su familia vino a dar a Calgary.
Lo coloco como ella lo escribió: en inglés.

    One October 7th there was a little girl that was born. Her name was Amelia. She was born in a country named Venezuela. She saw her family everyday at the hospital. The little girl has 2 brothers and there both older than her.
She started to grow and grow. Then came the day that it was her 2nd birthday. That day she had lots of fun with family and friends, she was already in Preschool!  One day she started kindergarten! She went to the same school my brothers went to.  

       She had lots of fun in Kindergarten, preparatory and had just started grade 1!!!  One day her parents started to notice that the country wasn’t very safe anymore.  So they decided that they were going to move to Canada. It took quite a long time to get the visa and everything but they did it by the end of the year!
     That summer she went To Chicago, and L.A (legoland and Hollywood). When they went to La her dad went straight to Canada but her, her mom, and brothers went back to Venezuela to finish packing. They sold their house and moved in with their grandma (but it was only for a couple of days).

     They all still went to school but had to wake up a little bit earlier.  On their last day they had a surprise party for Amelia and 1 of her brothers. Everybody in the class was there all her best friends were there. She had lots of fun that day! She ate all of her favourite food!

    November 9th came, and it was already time to go.  She said bye to her all her family, but her grandma was the hardest to say bye to.  They all went on the planes and traveled all day.  They had finally arrived to Calgary!  Amelia and her brothers saw her dad and started running towards him. They all gave him a hug.

    Around 2 weeks later she started school. She was really excited but she was also really nervous. It was already after recess and she had already made a friend. She didn’t know much English but she could kind of understand something they said. It was after lunch and they took a field trip. Amelia didn’t know that this was going to happen.
  They went to the library. Amelia had been there a couple of times before but she was still scared.  She noticed that they only went there for a presentation. She was relieved. After school ended she went home and started thinking about Venezuela she started to feel home sick.

   She felt better the next day’s then she ended grade 3 she went in grade 4, then 5, then 6 and now 7! She feels confident and has lots of friends and has fun every day!  She still misses her friends, family and teachers but she goes every once in a while back to Venezuela! J

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